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A documentarian and videographer creating honest and emotive videos for organizations, businesses, and individuals.


Clark underwood | Based in Oklahoma, USA | Traveling anywhere.




When partnering on a project as a creator, my primary goal is to learn the Why behind your project and help build or identify a story that can amplify the Why honestly and emotively through video. Stories are proven to be more meaningful, impactful, and personal than statistics alone. Combining statistical data along with your story through video is a powerful tool that can speak volumes in a world that is incredibly saturated with information.

Every business, organization, and individual have a unique and important story to tell. All lives are rich and filled with an individual beauty - visible in the complex, but also in the smallest, simplest of things. Amongst crafting a strong story for your project, a pursuit of excellence is an integral part of my every effort; from the very first email to the delivery of product, ideation, work ethic, and everything in-between.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing your story.





















" Clark is INCREDIBLE to work with. He consistently exhibits a positive attitude, extraordinary flexibility, and an obvious desire to do what it takes to tell the best story for his client. We have always felt comfortable speaking into the process because he is so welcoming of feedback. But we have also always felt sure of his direction and strong vision along the way. That's an exceptional combination that makes us so glad to work with him! " - Kim Bandy | The Spero Project


" I’ve worked with Clark on a variety of video projects, and quite frankly, he’s always my number one choice. Not only is Clark a dream to work with, but he’s got the full package. He’s creative, but knows how to meet deadlines. He’s willing to try just about anything, but knows his strengths. Clark takes my vision and brings it to life…and somehow he takes it to levels I could have never imagined, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Clark is honest and fair with his pricing, and always finds a creative way to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. Not only is he incredibly detailed and professional – but he’s fun! I always end up laughing on every shoot. One of the things I love most about Clark is that he helps me understand the process, start to finish. I’m not a videographer, but I don’t have to be when I work with Clark – he’s the expert. Clark helps me understand that sometimes what I’m asking for, is not always going to be what produces the final project I’d hoped for. I love that he can help me tweak my ideas to match the goals of the project, and then make sure it hits all the marks! He’s simply the best in the biz! "

-  Kendra Loper | Make-A-Wish Foundation


" We have really enjoyed working with Clark on a variety of projects.  His rates are fair, his work is excellent, and he is always quick to get the finished product back to us.  Making changes and edits have always been very seemless. He always makes sure we get the final product we are happy with! " -Caleb Arter | Blue 7